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Lighthouses                   Nova Scotia

Little Hope Light was photographed in mid-August of 2003 by Jeff Tutty of Hunts Point.


Lighthouses Along The Coast
Lighthouses along Nova Scotia's South Shore are a major attraction--enjoyed by residents and visitors who never tire of photographing the structures throughout the year against seasonal backgrounds and varied lighting.
Artists enjoy painting the lighthouses.
Woodcarvers create miniatures.
Historians like to explore the areas, and at Fort Port, in Liverpool, the public can enter the structure.
Queens County alone, has six lighthouses:
Coffin Island Light
Fort Point Light
, Liverpool
Port Medway Light
Medway Head Light
Port Mouton/Spectacle Island Light
Western Head Light

Little Hope Light, no longer exists, but will always hold a place near and dear in the hearts of mariners, and for the recreational boaters who passed by the unique structure.



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