July 15, 2024

Lancia unveils new logo and corporate identity

Lancia unveils new logo and corporate identity

The next generation Ypsilon will be the first Progressive Classic car

Lancia showed a new logo and corporate identity, and also told how its future models will look like. Until the end of the decade, the next generation Ypsilon, a certain flagship model (obviously, a crossover) and resurrecting Delta, will replenish the range of the brand. Car design will follow global trends in architecture and fashion with an eye to timeless things. For example, the traditional shape of the radiator grille in the form of a bowl will be preserved, but it will be modernized with the help of luminous elements.

Lancia has opened another chapter in its history and at Lancia Design Day unveiled a new logo, design language and sculpture Pu + Ra Zero, which unites the style of future models. The emblem of the era of electric mobility is largely based on the 1957 logo. It rethinks seven previous versions, therefore it is called Progressive Classic, or “Progressive Classics”. As you can see in the photo, all the distinctive elements have been preserved – from the steering wheel and the flag to the characteristic font.

The design language of the new Lancia is called Pu + Ra (from Pure – clean, and Radical – radical). In short, it can be described as follows: the soft and sensual forms of the Aurelia and Flaminia models, combined with the style of Stratos and Delta, as well as the latest trends in furniture, architecture and fashion.

Volumetric parts of cars will be formed by sequential layering, adding and crossing elementary shapes, such as a circle, a rectangle and a triangle. In general, something eclectic and completely non-automotive should turn out.

Lancia unveils new logo and corporate identity

In the interiors, Lancia promises to use the same principle, drawing inspiration from the design of Italian living rooms. The tone will be set by contrasting color blocks and simple architecture with an unexpected perspective. Materials are only the best and sustainable.

In general, in terms of recycling, Lancia plans to surpass all Stellantis brands. About half of the surfaces that can be touched will be made from recycled materials or environmentally friendly materials. Cassina, a company that has been creating designer furniture for 95 years, volunteered to help Lancia.

Alternately, starting in 2024, Lancia will launch the new Ypsilon, the flagship model, and resurrect the iconic Delta. Their generalized design is demonstrated by the sculpture Pu + Ra Zero, which is also called the synthesis of opposites. It is reminiscent of the Aurelia in shape, the round roof plays with the search for a balance between the exterior and interior, and the three light beams at the front form the historic calice grille, or bowl. The lantern rounds are an explicit reference to Statos. Together with Lancia fonts, they will be used on the next generation Ypsilon.

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