July 15, 2024

Mercedes-Benz will make electric cars more powerful and faster with a paid subscription

Mercedes-Benz EQS

The subscription fee will optimize the operation of power plants

On the American website of Mercedes-Benz, it became possible to issue an annual subscription in the amount of $ 1,200 (approximately 72,000 rubles at the current exchange rate), which will make electric cars of the EQE and EQS families more powerful and faster. With the help of changes in the software, the automaker proposes to increase the output of the power plants of electric vehicles, as well as to reduce the acceleration time to “hundreds” by about a second.

In the US market, the Mercedes-Benz EQE sedan and crossover are equipped with an electric power plant, the output of which is 288 horsepower. A paid subscription will increase the power of the electric motor to 349 horsepower.

After updating the software, the acceleration time of the electric sedan to “hundreds” will decrease by 0.9 seconds – up to 5.1 seconds. The crossover will get faster by a second. The acceleration time of the crossover to 96 kilometers per hour will decrease to 5.2 seconds.

The power plant of the EQS family, thanks to the subscription, will become more powerful by 88 horsepower. After the upgrade, the output of the electric motor will be 443 horsepower. If the battery liftback will spend 4.5 seconds instead of the base 5.3 to accelerate to “hundreds”, then the electric crossover will take 4.9 seconds. Without a monthly fee, the model accelerates to 96 kilometers per hour in 5.8 seconds.

In addition to power, the subscription will increase the torque of electric motors. In addition, a $1,200-a-year option optimizes powertrain performance.

In mid-July, hackers offered to unlock the functionality of cars, which is available through paid subscriptions. The coders made a similar decision after BMW announced the introduction of an additional fee for heated seats.

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