July 15, 2024

A Canadian company now provides a container system that allows farmers to produce ammonia on-site

FuelPositive is a Canadian tech firm

Given the current state of the world, with escalating commodity prices and mounting environmental concerns, it is essential to explore alternative solutions. FuelPositive, a Canadian company, has responded to the fertilizer market’s challenges by introducing a revolutionary DIY production system. This system enables farmers to bypass exorbitant fertilizer costs – but how does it work?

Trouble-free fertilizer production on the farm

FuelPositive is a Canadian tech firm that tackles sustainable farming practices by offering inventive technologies and pragmatic solutions that can be put into action today.

The FuelPositive System utilizes two primary resources – hydrogen produced from water through electrolysis and nitrogen extracted from the air – to produce anhydrous ammonia that can be stored on the farm. By producing the fertilizer on-site, the system bypasses supply chain complications and unstable prices. The system’s creators claim that it can meet the fertilizer requirements of vast crops spanning 2,000 hectares, such as rapeseed or potatoes.

Hiebert stated, “We can manufacture the product on our farm and have it delivered there without the delays and hassles of transportation problems.”

Nevertheless, every farm is unique, and the system’s designers assure that the FuelPositive system can produce an adequate amount of fertilizer, up to 100 tons annually.

Cost? The “only” $950,000

FuelPositive’s systems are specifically designed to cater to farmers’ requirements. With a containerized layout, they can be effortlessly transported and installed, resulting in better accessibility. Furthermore, FuelPositive remotely monitors the systems, ensuring optimal performance and control.

You may be curious about the system’s cost. The estimated price for each unit is approximately $950,000, but the project’s supporters believe that the investment will be recuperated in five to eight years. Depending on electricity expenses, FuelPositive anticipates that ammonia production will cost around $560 per tonne, substantially lower than the fertilizer costs recorded in 2022.

Testing ground

The technology is currently undergoing real-world testing, and FuelPositive has already started pre-selling the system. The first commercial system, powered by renewable energy at a cost of roughly $0.06 per kWh, is being demonstrated on an 11,000-acre farm outside of Winnipeg. The system’s durability will be tested under extreme temperatures as low as -30°C and heavy snowfall. The systems are projected to function without requiring renovation for 30 to 40 years. The project’s designers guarantee significant financial benefits since FuelPositive’s anhydrous ammonia is produced at a quarter of the cost of commercial ammonia.

As the first commercial system is being constructed, FuelPositive is simultaneously developing the next two systems to be launched in the market soon. Over the next 18 months, the company intends to expand its production capacity and establish mass production in Canada by 2024.

The answer to the difficult times of the fertilizer market

FuelPositive enters the market during an exceedingly challenging period. The conflict in Ukraine has led to instability in the fertilizer market, resulting in a significant rise in prices and severe financial difficulties for farmers. Nonetheless, FuelPositive’s creators are optimistic that their system could provide a solution to these trying times.

According to the creator of FuelPositive, “Farmers require this innovation. We cannot continue to follow the same practices we have for the last century. Change is necessary.”

Only time will reveal if FuelPositive will indeed provide a solution to the forthcoming challenges.

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