July 15, 2024

Facebook threatens to disable news feed in Canada

Facebook threatens to disable news feed in Canada

Facebook has said it may block news content from its platform in Canada in response to the Liberal government’s C-18 bill, which would force the company to share revenue with news publishers.

Canada previously announced plans to force Meta and Google to pay for news content as Canadian media organizations warned that if the government does not take action, the media market will suffer big losses.

Google spoke to the committee earlier this week – the company specifically asked for a speech. Its representative outlined a number of problems related to the legislation and asked the government to make amendments.

In the meantime, Meta has said that pulling down news content is a potential response to the legislation and is not out of the question. That’s exactly what the company did in Australia last year, when that country passed legislation similar to C-18, which was modeled on the Canadian bill.

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