June 18, 2024

Liverpool to Receive New Sports Field and Enhanced Coastline Protection in Queens County

Liverpool, Queens County, is set to benefit from significant infrastructure investments, including a new sports field and improved coastline protection, enhancing the community’s recreational and environmental resilience.

Major Investment in Community Infrastructure Public Works Minister Kim Masland, alongside Jack Fancy, Deputy Mayor of the Region of Queens Municipality, announced a substantial investment totaling almost $2.75 million. This funding, pooled from provincial, federal, and municipal sources, will facilitate the replacement of Liverpool’s community sports field with a state-of-the-art synthetic turf soccer field and the construction of a new 400-metre gravel running track.

Inclusive Recreational Opportunities The project aims to foster inclusivity and learning, featuring a Mi’kmaw learning trail, which will serve as a new outdoor educational space. The addition of fencing, lighting, and other amenities will further enhance the site’s utility and accessibility, promoting active lifestyles among the residents of Liverpool.

Shore Road Protection Against Climate Change Addressing environmental concerns, the Province and the federal government are also investing about $1 million in Shore Road, Western Head, to combat shoreline erosion and flooding. This initiative underscores the increasing need for infrastructure that can withstand the challenges posed by climate change.

Statements from Officials “Canada thrives when its communities are healthy and resilient,” said Sean Fraser, federal Minister of Housing, Infrastructure and Communities. He emphasized that the investment would not only encourage active lifestyles but also fortify Shore Road against climate change impacts.

Mayor Darlene Norman of the Region of Queens Municipality expressed satisfaction with the council’s contribution, highlighting the project’s role in fostering healthy minds and bodies through inclusive venues.

Funding Breakdown and Project Details

  • The Province of Nova Scotia is contributing approximately $700,000 to the sports field project and about $500,000 for Shore Road improvements.
  • The Government of Canada is investing nearly $1.8 million in the sports field project and almost $500,000 for Shore Road.
  • The Region of Queens Municipality is adding $250,000 to the sports field project.
  • The current sod field’s frequent drainage issues will be addressed.
  • Shore Road improvements will include reinforcing an existing retaining wall and excavating rock and gravel.

Looking Ahead These developments in Liverpool are a testament to the collaborative efforts of various government levels to enhance community infrastructure, promote health and wellness, and protect against environmental challenges. The investments are poised to strengthen the community for years to come, making Liverpool a more vibrant and resilient place to live.

For more information, follow the Department of Public Works on the X platform, formerly known as Twitter: https://twitter.com/NS_PublicWorks.

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