June 17, 2024

Shell launches new platform for fleet maintenance

Shell launches new platform for fleet maintenance

The Shell Fleet Maintenance Hub is launched in Canada to provide businesses with comprehensive maintenance data through a single dashboard to use, whether on mobile or desktop.

With this tool, users have access to all their fleet maintenance data on an easy-to-use dashboard. They also have the ability to schedule maintenance seamlessly and optimize the entire process of managing their fleet.

“Fleet maintenance can be difficult and expensive, which is why we are excited to launch the Shell Fleet Maintenance Hub,” said Sasha Arasteh, E-Mobility and Services Manager, Shell Americas. “By providing fleet managers with digital tools that help streamline workflows, they are given more time to focus on their operations and the safety of their drivers on the road.”

The Shell Fleet Maintenance Hub also allows managers and drivers to search over 1,000 maintenance partners across Canada, offering members discounts off retail prices when booking service through the platform, allowing users to make informed maintenance decisions that best suit their business.

By providing members with a detailed view of their fleet’s operational data, including detailed daily costs for each vehicle, Shell Fleet Maintenance Hub can help managers forecast their annual budget more accurately. Mr. Arasteh points out that “removing manual maintenance processes will not only save fleet managers time, but also companies will reduce their overall fleet expenses.”

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