June 18, 2024

A woman from the Queens orgug was put on trial for organizing a New Year’s Eve party in excess of the limit on the number of participants during the pandemic.

Christa Diane Miller, 25, of Greenfield, Queens, challenged her ticket in Bridgewater Provincial Court on Thursday, Kivin County Attorney-Mathieu Gallant Finnerty said Friday.

Miller was hosting a New Year’s Eve party when someone called the police and said that there was a fight at the party of 50 to 60 people.

Galant Finnerty said that the first police officer to answer the call 20 minutes later counted 14 to 16 people at the party he could see through the window.

The officer said that he had a conversation with Miller when she was leaving the house, at the moment when a large number of people were leaving the party.

At the trial, the policeman also added that the person who reported the violation to 911 was also interviewed, and during the investigation reduced his testimony about the number of people to 35.

Miller testified and explained in her defense that there were only 10 people in the house, but then 14 more people showed up without invitation, and that she tried to escort them out because she did not want them to be there, Galant Finnerty said.

She believes that the crime is to participate in a party, not to host an event. Miller said that 14 more uninvited people were there for about 10 minutes.

“To be the owner of the house is not to be the organizer of a tusovka, it is just to participate in a party. The investigation has different evidence and testimony of witnesses about how many people were there, all have different numbers, but all the witnesses claim that there were more than 10 people there and they participated in the party. “

Galant Finnerty said that although similar protocols and orders were issued prior to this incident, as far as he knows, Miller’s case was the first to go to trial.

The magistrate hearing the case fined Miller $ 400, plus co-payments and fees totaling $ 572.

The maximum fine under the Health Protection Act is $ 2,000. Galant Finnerty said he offered something closer to this range.

“In the circumstances, I think that a higher fine would be an appropriate sentence and made it clear to the public that this behavior is unacceptable and irresponsible,” said one witness.

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