April 22, 2024

Canada is preparing to relax entry rules for vaccinated travelers.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is preparing to approve a plan to relax the current 14-day quarantine for those crossing the border.

In doing so, vaccinated travelers will be required to have a PCR test for the coronavirus. It is possible that they will have to undergo quarantine, but it will be reduced.

We are talking about fully vaccinated travelers (those who received two doses of vaccine).

The new rules are expected to be announced within days, Bloomberg reports.

Recall that last month a Canadian government advisory panel recommended exempting fully vaccinated travelers from quarantine and eliminating the three-day “hotel quarantine” for airline passengers.

Canada is also expected to begin easing restrictions at the U.S. border as of June 22.

Travelers now have every reason to be optimistic that the U.S.-Canada border will open soon.

Justin Trudeau had previously said that border restrictions would remain in place as long as at least 75% of Canadians received at least one dose of the vaccine. According to government information, right now 57% of Canadians have received at least one dose of the vaccine. That’s an increase of 6% in just one week!

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