June 18, 2024

Hackers in Canada hacked into Tesla Model 3 and got it as a gift

In Canada, the Pwn2Own white hacker competition at the CanSecWest conference has come to an end.

This year’s entrants managed to hack Apple, Oracle, and VMware products, among others, as well as a Tesla Model 3 car.

Richard Zhu and Amat Cam of the Fluoroacetate hacking team demonstrated at the Pwn2Own competition by hacking into the Tesla Model 3 computer system. For this, they received a huge prize of $375,000 in cash and a car worth more than $27,000.

Zhu and Cam exploited a vulnerability in the car’s browser and were able to gain full control of the multimedia system in just a few minutes. This allowed them to lock the display and display an arbitrary phrase on it. Tesla representatives thanked the hackers and said that the vulnerability they found will be fixed.

Tesla has been working with Pwn2Own since 2014, but this is the first time it has raffled off a car to hackers as an extra prize. Previously, they were only given cash prizes for the vulnerabilities they found.

“We understand that this vulnerability discovery required incredible effort and skill, and we thank the researchers for their work in helping us confirm that our cars are the safest available today,” Tesla said not without narcissism in a specially sent out email.

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